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BaddAss Bulb - Blue Diamond (MH) - 1000W, BT37 Shape  $99.00 


1000 Watt MH BaddAss Bulb "THE BLUE DIAMOND™ 1000 WATT BADDASS BULB™ BLASTS 110,000 LUMENS WITH OVER 99% COLOR CONSISTENCY OF NOURISHING LIGHT INTO YOUR HYDROPONIC SYSTEM... IN LESS THAN A MINUTE FROM WHEN YOU TURN IT ON... AND WON'T DROP A SINGLE LUMEN FOR SIX MONTHS OR YOUR MONEY BACK!" • At a massive 110,000 lumens, the only competition for your Blue Diamond™ 1000 Watt Metal Halide BaddAss Bulb™ is the sun itself! Because the Blue Diamond™ has the highest initial lumen reading of any metal halide bulb in its class. • The Blue Diamond™ 1000 Watt Metal Halide BaddAss Bulb™ slaughters the competition. Our QC and manufacturing process is held tight to a point where we maintain a 99% color consistency from one bulb to the next, to ensure consistent performance and results. • Your Blue Diamond™ 1000 Watt bulb is ready to work - immediately. With a strike time of less than 4 minutes, the 1000 Watt Blue Diamond™ reaches full lumen output faster than any other bulb in its class. For best results pair with a BaddAss Low Frequency Digital Ballast™. • Your Blue Diamond™ 1000 Watt bulb is protected in an exclusive "cocoon" of packaging that you'll only get with BaddAss Bulbs™. Plus, each one of your Blue Diamond™ bulbs comes in an Oil Guard™ protective removable sleeve which will prevent the oils from your hands from ever coming in contact with the surface of the bulb. This is important because oils from hands and fingers can cause hot spots that severely damage a bulbs surface, even worse, in some cases leading to bulb rupturing or exploding. • Your Blue Diamond™ 1000 Watt Metal Halide bulb is painstakingly built and held to strict AQL standards. If even one slight defect is found on even one bulb, we go all the way back to the beginning of QC to our visual, functional test and burn-in stages and go through the whole testing and qualification/approval process over again. • Nothing is left to chance! The BaddAss Bulbs™ manufacturing process is over 75% automated, which has resulted in less than 2% defects overall (that includes manufacturing, testing, packaging, transportation, shipping, handling... every step of the way to finally arriving on the store shelf in mint condition). It's even more impressive when you consider that we have established a defect rate of less than 1% on the manufacturing line! • No corner has been left unturned to bring you the highest quality bulbs humanly possible. Tens of thousands of dollars, months of sleepless prep work, weeks of intense auditing, mountains of paperwork, heroic and calculated efforts by our staff and workforce have gone into creating this BaddAss product for you.
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This product was added to our catalog on 01/13/2012.  
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