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Cool Flame CO2 Burner  $479.00 


GET ALL THE BENEFITS OF CO2 GROWING: FASTER GROWTH, MORE AROMA, MORE ESSENTIAL OILS AND 55-100% BIGGER YIELDS WITH NONE OF THE DRAWBACKS! These days, everyone knows that growing with CO2 can increase your plant's essential oils production... speed crop growth... and... increase your harvest by 55-100%. But, until now, there was a one big problem... There was always the excess heat production from burners which cost a small fortune to cool using A/C units. Not to mention the increased load on your electricity, which meant you couldn't run as big a grow room or use more lights. Add to that, the not-so-cheap expense and inconvenience of sourcing and using bottled CO2... and... it was definitely a hassle. But the good news is... NOW YOU CAN GET ALL THE BENEFITS OF CARBON DIOXIDE WITH NONE OF THE DRAWBACKS! Introducing: The CoolFlame CO2 Maximizer! The CoolFlame CO2 Maximizer is the world's first and only water cooled CO2 generator that is capable of removing 86% of the heat produced by burning propane! It also features options not available in any other CO2 generator on the market, like... A completely adjustable flame (can produce anywhere between 15 and 45 cubic feet of CO2 per hr) An adjustable water flow valve No pilot light (the flame is activated by water flow) A tip-over, automatic cut off An overheat shut down sensor And an oxygen depletion sensor Plus much, much more! What's even better is the unit is compact in size and can be either hung or wall-mounted anywhere in your garden. How Does It Work? While the CoolFlame CO2 Maximizer burns gas like other units, it features a water-cooled heat exchanger mounted above the flame. This unique technology cools the CO2 in the most economical, cost-efficient and eco-friendly way possible! Here's how it works: Cool water is pumped through the heat exchanger... used to cool the excess heat that is developed through the production of CO2... and then... pumped back through the unit to be disposed of. And that's another big benefit... You'll Save Big Money Fighting Excess Heat With The CoolFlame's Water-Cooling Technology... The excess water used to cool the unit is pumped back into a reservoir for use again or if you don't want to use a reservoir the excess water is can be drained to waste. You see, with the CoolFlame, you're in complete control of how you want to setup your grow room to take maximum advantage of CO2 growing, and water-cooled technology, while finding the most economical and convenient way to supply your water and dispose of it. Many people like the simplicity and economics of draining directly to waste. And others prefer the more eco-friendly options designed to re-use and re-circulate the excess water. The bottom line is, it's completely up to you. ADVANCED NUTRIENTS IS SO CONFIDENT YOU'LL SEE BIGGER YIELDS AND SAVE MORE MONEY VS TRADITIONAL CO2 METHODS THEY'LL GUARANTEE IT FOR ONE FULL YEAR! Like all Advanced Nutrients (AN) products, the CoolFlame comes with an one-year, 100% money-back guarantee. Because AN believes that you deserve to be treated like a friend, not just a customer. That means you shouldn't have to risk one hard-earned penny trying the CoolFlame. Simply purchase the CoolFlame from an Advanced Nutrients authorized dealer, or call them toll free at 1-(877)-636-9574 and order it directly. Then setup the CoolFlame in your grow room so you get the maximum benefits of CO2 growing... Watch your plants look stronger and more resistant to disease See them grow faster, more easily and with less stress Watch in amazement as you see 55-100% BIGGER yields, without extra effort And then, finally, when you take your friends in and show them your latest harvest. Watch them jealously eye your big, huge plants and take deep, full lung-filled breaths of the sweeter smells your plants produce... and see their eyes light up when they experience the more potent tastes... All that and more is awaiting you, once you put the latest in CO2 growing technology-the CoolFlame-to work in your garden today. You risk absolutely nothing, and you have so much to gain. Don't delay. Call Advanced Nutrients and order your CoolFlame right now!
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This product was added to our catalog on 01/13/2012.  
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